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Random bits from all over the world, curated by José Marques. If you follow him on twitter you will be a happier person.
Aug 12 '10

Robotism is no more

I moved all the way over here, so if you still love me, please tag along. Thank yous!

Aug 12 '10
Aug 11 '10


I want to play this scheiße

Aug 10 '10

Hell to the no!

The difference between someone that designs things and another human is that a designer has the ability to visualize right away if something is going to work or not. If only communicating the level of horribleness was as easy as imagining it, specially with people that stand above you in the food chain, or clients. 

Aug 4 '10

Sounds for the Summer: Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive

Aug 4 '10
Aug 3 '10
Jul 27 '10

Firefox Tab Candy 
Will this make me go back to Firefox? Maybe. 

Jul 23 '10
Jul 21 '10